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2012 Gratitude Report

2012 Gratitude Report


school nurseEvery year for the past 38 Years the National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation has provided life-saving Reye’s Syndrome information to the families of students in more than 136,000 schools across the United States and its Territories.

School Nurses and Administrators send a Reye’s Syndrome  packet of information home with each student at the beginning of every school year.  This packet includes Reye’s Syndrome Symptoms literature, bookmarks with NRSF contact information, wallet size ‘ingredients to avoid’ cards for Over-The-Counter children’s medications, a Reye’s Syndrome brochure, and a list of medicines that contain aspirin.

We know that this huge, educational initiative saves the lives of children all across the U.S. and we thank all school administrators and nurses for promoting Reye’s Syndrome Awareness!


With the guidance of volunteer leaders from across the United States on our Board,  our RS survivors, and our caring community volunteers, the National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation  has stayed on mission for 38 years, educating and promoting awareness and saving lives.

We truly cherish your investment of time and money, and we count on your trust in our mission to eradicate the incidence of Reye’s Syndrome. The work we do at the NRSF is built on a solid foundation of financial accountability, transparency, and ethics.

And there is one more critically important element to our continued success. You. You are here to show us that there is a community of people who keep the mission of the National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation in their hearts each and every day.

bodNRSF’s All Volunteer Board of Directors


A major milestone was achieved this year when talks between the NRSF, the FDA, and Bayer Consumer Health Care resulted in all aspirin manufacturers removing the words “baby aspirin” from all packaging and marketing.  For 37 years we fought for this life saving agreement and it finally came to fruition.  We know that this change will save many lives and we thank the FDA and the aspirin manufacturers for recognizing and acting upon this most serious issue.

This year, we have developed more technology to support our Awareness efforts; Android Apps, and E-books, promoting Reye’s Syndrome Awareness.  Our new apps; Aspirin Sense and Sensitivity, and A Guide to Chickenpox are both available in the google play store.

Our Reye’s Syndrome website is used by more than 150,000 people across the globe each month.  Visits always increase at the beginning of the school year, and during flu season. We are proud, and pleased to provide this quality information.

With the help of Transfer Me To DVD, located at www.TransferMeToDvd.com, all films and videos spanning our 38 year history have now been transferred to DVD for additional preservation.  We Thank them for donating so much of the work and supplies!

WITH YOUR SUPPORT:babyheart_right

  • 6,500 Emails answered this year.
  • 6,200 Phone Calls answered this year.
  • 136,000 Families Educated this year.
  • 1500 Reye’s Syndrome School Projects this year.

Several Major Dreams Came True this year:

  • Bayer removed all ‘baby’ aspirin packaging
  • NRSF goes to the SAG Awards
  • Millions of Young Lives Saved!

We invite you to join us in our work.  We invite you to donate toward our Awareness and Education programs.  We invite you to join the NRSF as a Member.

Thank You!

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Spread The Word

Why Join Our Efforts to Eradicate Reye’s Syndrome?


Child in ICU with Reye’s Syndrome

Because NO child should have to suffer this!

There is no cure for Reye’s Syndrome, and all we know is that salicylates (aspirin) products can trigger this devastating disease.

Each year the NRSF reaches out to parents, caregivers, and medical professionals with Reye’s Syndrome Education and Awareness materials:

136,000 Annual School Mailing: each year the NRSF mails out a notice to more than 136,000 schools across the United States, reminding School Nurses and Personnel to download our School Package for parents and caregivers.

Baby Fairs and Health Fairs: Every year the NRSF supports Baby Fairs and Health Fairs across the United States with Reye’s Syndrome information.

Bi-Annual Newsletter: Twice a year, our ‘In The News’ comes out with Reye’s Syndrome information and updates, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. This publication has been available to members and donors for more than 38 years. This year, we will offer a monthly news update via email to those who subscribe on our website at http://www.ReyesSyndrome.Org

Student Projects: Whether student nurses, or doctors, or junior and senior high students, we support their projects and provide Reye’s Syndrome literature and videos free for the asking.

Reye’s Syndrome Awareness Month: September is always Reye’s Syndrome Awareness month – just in time for kids to go back to school! Working with our School Nurses, we work hard to get the word out: Kids and Aspirin Products DON’T Mix!

RS Awareness Magnet
RS Awareness Magnet



Membership Drive: Our annual membership drive co-incides with Reye’s Syndrome Awareness month, and anyone who joins the Foundation as a member receives a free Reye’s Syndrome Awareness ribbon magnet. (Magnets were donated to the Foundation to support awareness.)

You can also purchase a Kids and Aspirin Don’t Mix! ribbon to help us spread the word

Other ways you can help educate and spread the word:

  • Like us, and Add one of the pages here to your Facebook page so all of your friends can be reminded.
  • Pin one of our pages to Pinterest, and any other social network where you are a member, so word spreads.
  • Add the NRSF GoodSearch, GoodShop toolbar so that the Foundation raises money while you do what comes naturally while on the Net. (Shopping and Searching – find out more by clicking the link.)
  • Sell on Ebay and Designate the NRSF as Your Charity of Choice, Donating a Percentage of Sales through MissionFish to the NRSF. For more information, our eBay home page is located here: NRSF Ebay MissionFish Home Page
  • Sign up for monthly news alerts about flu, ebooks, apps, research, reminders, and meetups at the website at www.ReyesSyndrome.Org.
  • Send us your used Cell Phones and we will recycle them; phones will go to Troops, and battered women’s shelters. Send them to the address at the top of this blog.
  • Become a Member: join at our website.
  • Or Donate at the website. (links will open a new window)

All donations are tax deductible, and you will receive a letter and receipt from the Foundation in acknowledgement of your support.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us spread the word: Kids and Aspirin DON’T Mix!

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