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Pandemics – A Case For Vaccinations

Pandemics – A Case For Vaccinations

Diseases like whooping cough (pertussis), measles, mumps, and German measles (rubella) may be unfamiliar to you. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, these illnesses struck hundreds of thousands of people in the United States each year, mostly children, and tens of thousands of people died. The names of these diseases were frightening household words. They are all but forgotten. That change happened largely because of vaccines.

But now we see parents who are hesitating, or fighting vaccination of their children. Mostly from a fear of Autism, which has not been proved.  Learn more about Autism.  This could lead to a resurgence of many of these potentially deadly diseases as seen in the widespread Whooping Cough outbreak in 2012.

Today, children in the United States should routinely get vaccines that protect them and others from more than a dozen diseases such as measles, polio, and tetanus. Most of these diseases are now at their lowest levels in history, thanks to years of immunization because Children must get at least some vaccines before they may attend school.

BUT – many parents lacking informed, accurate information, are forgoing, or trying to forgo vaccinations, which is, vaccines_learn_morein the case of Whooping Cough, bringing these deadly diseases back into the general population.

After talking with parents across the country, CDC put together this short video to help answer the tough questions that real moms had about childhood immunizations. Understanding the importance of vaccines is crucial for you to protect your children’s health.

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The world is a smaller place, with more than 7 Billion people inhabiting the planet. Travel to other countries is easy, and more and more parents take their children with them. Recently, an outbreak of Tuberculosis  is stunning the entire city of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and in Indiana in 2012, a visit to the Super Bowl caused a large outbreak of Measles which could have affected hundreds of thousands across the country.

Although the diseases themselves are potentially deadly, what is often dropped out are the deadly aftermaths of exposure:

1 – Contracting a deadly disease known as Reye’s Syndrome, which can be triggered after a viral infection. Lean more about Reye’s Syndrome.

2 – The surge in Chickenpox Parties – an illegal and potentially deadly practice. Learn more about Chickenpox Parties.

3 – Putting others at risk:
* Pregnant women and their unborn child
* People with weakened immune systems because of illness or medications; for example,
— People with HIV/AIDS or cancer
— Patients who have had transplants, and
— People on chemotherapy, immunosuppressive medications, or long-term use of steroids

How do you know if that young woman behind you in the grocery store that your unvaccinated child is talking to and handing a toy is in early pregnancy?

How do you know if that grandfatherly man at the restaurant who ruffles your little one’s hair is on Chemotherapy?

How do you know if the child’s own Grandmother, or your own Sister, has an un-diagnosed Cancer?

An un-vaccinated child could carry any one of the diseases they should be vaccinated for, for more than 10 to 14 days before symptoms show up. How many people have they infected during that time?

NOTE!! Never give a child under the age of 19 aspirin or aspirin products without consulting a doctor first, as you could trigger a deadly disease known as Reye’s Syndrome!

Children, and Adults, do die of these diseases. That is why there are vaccines.  So do think about the responsibility you have toward your child, your family, and society as a whole when it comes to vaccinations.  They do save lives, prevent pandemics, and make us all safer.

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